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Peterhead Athletics Club

Event Schedule – Saturday 15th September 2018

(Events may start 15minutes before scheduled start time at discretion of event manager)

Track                                                                                             Field

1.00pm                                                                    1.00pm

Sprint Hurdles – u13+ (demo)                                   Long Jump  u20/Sen/Master male u20/Sen/Master female

                                                                                 Javelin  Junior boys          Junior girls


60m  Primary (u9) boys , Primary (u9) girls

400m u20/Sen/Master male,  U20/Sen/Master female

2.00pm                                                                    2.00pm

100m  Junior boys                                                    Shot Putt u20/Sen/Master male

Junior girls       u20/Sen/Master female

                                                                                 Javelin  Primary (u9) boys

         Primary (u9) girls


                                                                                   Long Jump Primary(u9) boys,   Primary (u9) girls

                                                                                  High Jump Junior boys,  Junior girls


100m u20/Sen/Master male, u20/Sen/Master female

Event Schedule – Sunday 16th September 2018

Track                                                                                 Field

1.00pm                                                                          1.00pm

1mile u20/Sen/Master female                                          Long Jump Junior girls, u20/Sen/Master male     Junior boys

                                                                                       Shot Putt Primary (u9) – girls, Primary (u9) - boys

 2.00pm                                                                          2.00pm

200m Primary (u9) girls                                                   Javelin  u20/Sen/Master female, Primary (u9) boys ,  u20/Sen/Master male

800m   Junior girls,  Junior boys       

                                                                                       2.30pm   Shot Putt Junior girls, Junior boys

                                                                                                      High Jump u20/Sen/Master female, U20/Sen/master male

3.00pm Mixed Relay All  (relay races will commence on completion of field events)

Event Schedule – Thursday 6th September 2018

Track 6.30pm:- 1K  u9+    (also Mundies Challenge);l  2K  u11, u13, u15, u17  (also Mundies Challenge)

3k u13, u15, u17, u20

7.00pm 5K u17, u20, Senior, Master

Event Schedule – Thursday 13th September 2018

Track                                                                        Field  (Only if have net)

6.30pm                                                                      7.00pm

200m Junior girls                                                                              Discus Junior girls;

 Junior boys                                                                                                 Junior boys

 U20/Sen/Master Female                                                                             u20/Sen/Master female

 U20/Sen/Master Male                                                                                u20/Sen/Master Male