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Club Welcome Pack

The pack, recently updated by Mary Milne (9 Jan 2021), contains information on the benefits of joining Peterhead Athletics Club, training nights, championships, Peterhead 10k, London marathon, athletes’ welfare policy and procedures, code of conduct for athletes, financial hardship, club membership, and contacts.  Please click on the heading.

There are additional information pages on the following so please click on the topic for more details

PAC committee (and meeting minutes)

Membership (including fees)


Code of conduct


Club records

Club constitution

Club Standards

Privacy policy

Complaints & disciplinary procedure

The club constitution is in keeping with a Scottish Athletics affiliated club.  It contains information on the name, the purpose, membership, complaints, membership records, the management committee, finance, annual general meeting, voting,  extraordinary general meeting, the club colours,  age group, affiliation, amendments, by-laws, disputes, and dissolution.

Equality policy

This is in keeping with the Scottish Athleticswhich can be accessed here

Or a PDF copy can be viewed by clicking here


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