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Peterhead Athletics Club

Sportshall Indoor Decathlon

Twice a year, in April and October, we organise an indoor decathlon for juniors.

We follow the well established Sportshall indoor decathlon programme.   

You will be put into small teams and gain points not only for your team but for yourself as well. There are 10 different events to complete: balance beam, target throw, speed bounce, vertical reach, chest push, standing long jump, standing triple jump, javelin throw, sprint and hi stepper. The events are a test of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination - all essential qualities for athletics.

 Your performance for each activity earns you points which when totalled up will give you an individual score which equates to a level on the Sportshall Ladder.  The levels range from Step 1-Gold.  Points are graded depending on your age and also whether you are a boy or girl.  Hopefully you will climb the ladder every time you take part.

For the team competition the best three scores from each event will count.

Following the success of the decathlons in 2016 this has become one of our favourite events.  If you have never taken part before give it a go it's lots of fun- who knows you may even get your coaches to embarrass themselves on the balance beam.

The decathlons take place during the school holidays and are open to family members provided they are with a club member.