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Junior Updates

Virtual SUPERteams

4J Studios Virtual SUPERteams – leaderboards and Week 4 video

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Here are the results for the Virtual SUPERteams with some photos to add to the web page.


Latest results for superteam 3

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Virtual runs

3 Feb

1.5Km Sophie Needs (8:15)

3km Jessica Needs (12:31)

4Km Ellie McGee (23.10)

24 Feb

2.5 miles (4K) Ellie McGee 22:49 (15th) (U15G)

2 miles (3.2k)

Jessica Needs 14:00 (15th) (U13G)

Holly Balloch 18:35 (35th) (U13G)

Alix Findlay 19:14 (36th) (U13G)

1 mile (1.6k)

Hollie Steele 7:04 (12th) (U11G)

Sophie Needs 9:15 (21st) (U11G)

Max Taylor 9:36 (31st) (U11B)


4K - Finley Collins 29:25 (11th age group U15B)

Ellie McGee 22:52 (11th age group U15G)

3k -

Jessica Needs 13:20 (15th age group U13G)

Alix Findlay 17:15 (26th age group U13G)

Holly Balloch 18:09 (27th age group U13G)

1.5k -

Max Taylor 8:31 (15th age group U11B)

Hollie Steele 6:16 (4th age group U11G)

Emma Steel 6:33 (6th age group U11G)

Ellie Hood 7:39 (14th age group U11G)

Eve Riddell 8:17 (17th age group U11G)

Sophie Needs 8:45 (18th age group U11G)

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