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Mundies Challenge is a time trial, run and organised by Peterhead Athletics Club and Jog Scotland.  It is named after long serving coach Jim Mundie.  The challenge is a great opportunity to chart your progress as a runner, whatever your ability, in a friendly and fun atmosphere.  You will be timed over a set distance and your time will be recorded – the challenge is to try and improve your time each month.  Although you will be running alongside other runners you won’t be competing against anyone else - it is all about personal improvement.


1k or 2k. You must complete at least 4 out of 6 possible challenges and should stick to the same distance throughout the challenge. There are a couple of changes to the format this year. Firstly we have moved to a Tuesday night - we hope that everyone from our run, jump, throw session will take part. ️Second change will involve your starting time- the Mundie Challenge organisers are currently looking at including your time from last year and using this as your starting point. Full details will be available on our website.

The dates are: (all Tuesday)

A minimum of 4 challenges must be completed to be eligible for the trophy of most improved (1k and 2k). Please note that there will be no award for fastest 1K or 2K as this is not in keeping with the ethos of the challenge.


The senior challenge is a 5K. These will take place at Ellon parkrun 9.30am.  

You must complete 3 out of a possible 6 challenges. The dates are:

  The Club Championship track 5k will not be part of the challenge.  There will be no award for fastest 5k.

As the ParkRun is purely organised by volunteers I think we should organise a Park Run takeover at some point, but remember in the meantime they’re always looking for volunteers so if your free some Sat morning get in touch with Ellon ParkRun direct.

Mundie’s Challenge 2019