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Peterhead Athletics Club

Mundie’s Challenge is a time trial, run and organised by Peterhead Athletics Club and Peterhead Jogscotland.  It is named after our long term coach Jim Mundie. The challenge is a great opportunity to chart your progress as a runner, whatever your ability, in a friendly and fun atmosphere. You will be timed over a set distance and your time will be recorded – the challenge is to improve your time each month.

Although you will be running alongside other runners you won’t be competing against anyone else - it is very much about personal improvement.   

The senior challenge is a 5K which takes place at the Ellon parkrun.

The junior challenge is a 1K or 2K which takes place at the track- meet at 6.20pm.  

A trophy will be awarded to the senior and junior who has shown the most improvement.  A minimum of 3 challenges must be completed to be eligible for the award.  The challenges for 2018 will take place on the following dates:





Sat 5 May

Thurs 10th May


Sat 2nd June

Thurs 7th June


Sat 30th  June

Thurs 5th July


Sat 4th Aug

Thurs 9th August


Sat 1st Sept

Thurs 6th Sept


Sat 6th Oct

Thurs 11th Oct

Mundie’s Challenge 2018