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Peterhead Athletics Club

Active Schools North Aberdeenshire Cross Country Series

I have recently taken on the roll of Cross Country co-ordinator, which involves trying to get as many juniors to attend from ages P4 up to S6. As well as representing the club they also represent their schools. It is currently run by Active Schools who took it over from Fraserburgh last year. The Cross Country is a yearly event which sees juniors from all over the North East coming together and competing in a series of six races at different venues.

This year (2017) the venues are Fraserburgh, Haddo House, Peterhead, Duff House, Fyvie Castle and Aden Park.

P4 and P5 boys and girls run 1 lap which is roughly (800-1000m)

P6 and P7 boys and girls run 2 laps (1600-2000m)

S1 to S6 boys and girls run 3 laps (2400-3000m) depending on venue. Normally, you can turn up on the morning and register at 10am.

Points are gained from places in each race i.e. 50 points for first place, 49 for second place and so on. The best three races will count for individual scoring and the top juniors will get medals for first, second and third places. All six races count towards school and club prizes and the top school and club gets a shield that they can keep for a year, they can get it engraved before handing it back for the following year.

Pupil that complete four out of the six events will receive a participation medal.

Alison McGee.

NB Dates of the remaining races in 2017 /  2018 are yet to be decided