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Peterhead Athletics Club

The pack, compiled by Neil MacRitchie, contains information on the benefits of joining Peterhead Athletics Club, training nights, championships, Peterhead 10k, London marathon, athletes’ welfare policy and procedures, code of conduct for athletes, financial hardship, club membership, and contacts.  

This is a club for all the people of Peterhead with an interest in athletics, having evolved from Peterhead Running Club and with strong associations with Peterhead JogScotland and Active Schools, Peterhead.

About the club

Jim Mundie (Honorary President)

Andrew Davidson (chair), Teresa Hood (secretary), Jennifer Robertson (Teasurer), Trevor Calder, Cheryl Collins, Nicola Drummond, Sandy Hastie, Martin Kerrigan, Linda McGee,  Alison McGee, Neil MacRitchie, , John Robertson, Ken Strachan, Catherine Strachan, Jonathan Strachan, Susan Strachan, Shelagh Watson, Maria Willox, Alistair Strachan, Gary Collins, Stephanie Wemyss

Nicola Drummond, Sandy Hastie, Alison McGee, Linda McGee, Jim Mundie, Maria Willox

Scottish Athletics, North District League

Currently the number that have paid their club fees is 100 (55 Juniors, 41 Seniors, 4 life members.

Maria Willox



Current committee

Current coaches


Current membership

Welfare Officer

Club constitution

The club constitution is in keeping with a Scottish Athletics affiliated club.  It contains information on the name, the purpose, membership, complaints, membership records, the management committee, finance, annual general meeting, voting,  extraordinary general meeting, the club colours,  age group, affiliation, amendments, by-laws, disputes, and dissolution.

Club Welcome Pack