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Club Standards

The Standards Awards Scheme Club standards are a set of target times that are set out to challenge our athletes, no matter what their age.

There are 5 standards available, DIAMOND, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and COPPER. These in turn are set for 6 race distances –3k, 5k, 10k, 10 Miles, Half Marathon & Marathon.

Standard Categories

DIAMOND (80% age grading) – Top performer. May be of national standard and expect to finish in the top three of their class.

GOLD (70% age grading)  – Excellent standard. May well be the highest the average club runner could obtain.

SILVER (60% age grading)  – Very good standard that many of our club members will be capable of achieving.

BRONZE (55% age grading)  – The average runner who is making good progress past the beginner stage.

COPPER (50% age grading)  – The first step on the ladder. The standard for beginners to be aiming for.

The timings in the tables for each of the above standards categories are based on the WMA age grading calculation tables.

Click on Female Standards and Male Standards

This allows athletes performances to be roughly compared against one another even though they might be of a different age or gender. The idea is that each runner will look at the standards for their particular age group and gender.

To obtain the relevant standard (award) you wish to aim for, you will have to complete THREE out of the six distances . The qualifying period for awards will run from 1st October to 30th September the following year.

Your age category is simply the age you are on race day.

 Please keep track of your own results and once you have completed the three qualifying standard times, send an e-mail to Mark (clubstandards@peterheadathleticsclub.co.uk).


The club standards trophies, medals and certificates will then be awarded to athletes to recognize their achievement at our yearly prize giving event which is usually held at the end of November.

Diamond & Gold –trophy and certificate

Silver, Bronze & Copper –medal and certificate.

For more details click on the standards documents above.  

Special thanks to Ewan McGee for putting in loads of work in preparing these.