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Peterhead Athletics Club

Chair person:- Linda McGee

Junior Representatives - Ailsa Hood, Findlay Collins

Booking Secretary - Jennifer Robertson

Membership Secretary

Valerie Calder

The committee members are elected at the AGM in October/November each year with some members being co-opted during the year as required.

 2020 / 2021


Treasurer - Jennifer Robertson

Junior Publicity - Alison McGee

Linda McGee (chair), Mary Milne (secretary), Jennifer Robertson (Teasurer), Mark Beagrie, Ewan Calder, Valerie Calder, Cheryl Collins, Linzi Findlay, Sandy Hastie,  John Diffey  (vice chair),  Alison McGee, Ewan McGee, Barbara-Anne Needs, Calum Sinclair, Stephanie Steele, Ailsa Hood (Junior Rep), Gary Collins, Heather Balloch, Findlay Collins (Junior Rep).

Secretary - Mary Milne

Lead Coach - Barbara-Anne Needs

Welfare Officer - Stephanie Steele